Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Let’s focus on knapweed, not commissioner-initiated zoning

I am against the zoning proposal as written.

I am adamantly opposed to commissioner-initiated zoning. I feel the legislature did a great disservice to the people of Montana for allowing three people to dictate how landowners should use their property. The purpose of commissionerinitiated zoning is to allow for an emergency situation. This is not an emergency. There are two types of zoning; citizeninitiated and commissioner-initiated zoning. It seems that this is Planning Board-initiated zoning. I have reviewed the minutes and clearly this proposal comes from the Planning Board. The minutes show that the original proposal calls for billboard zoning along U.S. Highway 89 South. Then, all of a sudden, a motion is put forward to zone nearly the entire Paradise Valley — all areas within the boundary of the zone.

What is further disturbing is that billboards are not mentioned in the purpose, or for that matter in the first page and a half the document. What is in the purpose is a statement that allows the Park County Commission, the Planning Board or the Planning Department to zone anything: Mobile homes, cows, irrigation systems, irrigation diversions, etc.

This document does not promote the welfare of Park County, but negatively impacts a proven marketing tool that has been used for decades. The desires of the beautification department of the Montana Department of Transportation must not dictate how landowners use their property or dictate how business owners market their business.

I do not oppose the use of billboards. It is clearly a marketing decision. If they were not of any use, the firms that pay for the billboards would stop spending money on that part of their marketing plan and they would go away.

Here is what I would like to go away: All the knapweed on the subdivisions approved by the planning board. Many of the documents signed by developers and Park County included mandatory weed management and grazing restrictions. I have never seen any action by the planning board to advise owners of their duty to control their noxious weeds.

Marty Malone

Tester has aligned himself with the anti-military, socialist crowd


I was getting ready to sit down and enjoy dinner and some young lad showed up at my door with a stack of Jon Tester flyers. This young lad was “concerned with public land use” and wanted me to support Tester. In my brief discussion with him, he quickly revealed his complete pro-marijuana, socialist, and vehement anti-military positions.

While I may be able to ignore the stupidity of drug use and naïve ignorant support of socialism, I am responding strongly to the complete anti-military position. Yes, this hit personally. My son is currently serving overseas. My father and father in-law both served, and my grandfather was killed in action on Iwo Jima. Our valued freedoms are protected by the military. Tester claims he supports the military and votes for VA benefits. However, the fact is Tester has aligned himself with and is supported by the vehemently anti-military, pro-drug, socialist individuals. He has sold out essential core values to the radical left to gain political power. This election is not simply about ‘public lands’ and recreating in the woods. If you vote for Tester you are giving political power and influence to the anti-military, pro-drug use, socialist individuals.

Miscese Gagen