IN THE MAIL — March 22, 2018

Let’s not be hypocrites when it comes to mining


I recently received an email from Sen. Jon Tester about the Yellowstone Protection Act. I think this is a good thing with one main caveat. Anyone who supports this needs to rid themselves of all items that contain gold. This includes most cell phones. A large majority of electronics in general use gold because of the great properties it has such as being stable. Do you have gold jewelry which you might wear to the Save Yellowstone rally?

This country has some of the most stringent set of laws when it comes to mining. But, most of the world’s gold comes from countries with gold mining that use slavery and uncontrolled cyanide for leaching. Do some research and see where the planet is really being destroyed, along with children being used as labor.

If we can’t mine gold in our backyard then where will we get it?

Let’s not be hypocrites. I have gold and I understand our societies craving for it. Why not use one of the most stringent set of laws in the world for mining to fuel this need or ask yourself, “Do I need a cell phone at the expense of children and the environment?”

Chris Benden