The loss of graveside mementos is a sad thing

Wednesday, June 1, 2022


Well the City of Livingston is at it again. This time they have totally dishonored the memory of wonderful people who are buried at Mountain View Cemetery.

I read in your newspaper that the city planned to clean up the cemetery on May 5 so I made a special trip there on the 4th to remove flowers and other things from several family and friends’ graves. I planned to clean them and return them before Memorial Day.

On the evening of May 24 I returned with new and cleaned flowers and other articles that were on the graves. Twenty days had elapsed so I was sure that the city had had enough time to do the cemetery cleaning.

When I finished I took pictures to send to the out-of-town loved ones. After all this was Memorial Day week when graves are traditionally decorated.

When I went back to visit the graves on Memorial Day I was horrified. Many mementos the families had purchased to show their love for their families were gone. I had heard that there were some things near the white utility shed. I hoped to find the Mother’s Day flag, lighted angel, military mementos and other things of great sentimental and monetary value, but alas nothing. When I told the out-of-town relatives they were livid and likened the situation to stealing.

Most of the graves that had things missing were totally dirt so mowing grass was not going to happen there. In all the years I have had family buried at Mountain View putting mementos on graves has never been a problem. I just can’t understand why the city seemed to feel it is a problem now. Please tell us why!

Were all these wonderful mementos destroyed or might we be able to retrieve them?

The loss of these graveside mementos is a very sad thing for many families.

Barbara Williams



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