Log book

Enterprise Staff
Here is a selection of calls responded to by the Livingston Police Department and the Park County Sheriff’s Office during the past week. 
Nov. 10
• 8:23 a.m. — A caller on Billman Lane reported his brother assaulted him with a hatchet the previous night. A Park County Sheriff’s Office deputy met with both parties, and the brother was arrested on a charge of partner/family member assault and assault with a weapon.   
• 9:14 a.m — A caller reported a vehicle had apparently been abandoned near the Shields Valley Community Center, saying it had been parked on the street for at least three weeks. A deputy tagged the vehicle.
• 1:37 p.m. — The Livingston Police Department’s drug-sniffing dog was deployed at Park High School,  and he said there were no drugs present. 
• 1:52 p.m. — A parent reported her son had been assaulted at Sleeping Giant Middle School. The matter was referred to the School Resource Officer.
• 10:07 p.m. — An ambulance was requested on East Lewis Street for a 26-year-old man who was having trouble breathing. The man ended up being arrested on a probation violation.  
• 10:36 p.m. — A woman who refused to leave the Murray Bar was arrested. 
Nov. 11
• 12:21 a.m. — A caller at a West Park Street motel reported a disturbance in one of the rooms, and then reported seeing a man leaving the scene on foot. Officers responded, and there was no further need for law enforcement. 
• 1:04 a.m. — A probation officer requested assistance on Pomajbo Lane with a subject suspected of a probation violation. 
• 1:31 p.m. — A woman on South C Street requested a police officer for a civil standby while she retrieved items from a former roommate’s home. The roommate requested an officer to ask the other woman to leave the house. • 5:26 p.m. — A Park County Detention Center officer requested a city officer to supervise the jail while the detention officer gathered up trash.  
Nov. 12
• 4:02 a.m. — A caller at Livingston HealthCare reported a non-employee vehicle parked in the employee parking area. The driver turned out to be on a cross-country trip and had pulled into to the hospital to take a nap in his vehicle. Staff said the driver was welcome to stay.
• 11:49 a.m. — A caller near Clyde Park reported he had been hunting on state land and was harrassed  by a man on a tractor who said he was looking for his cattle. The hunter believed the tractor driver was intentionally interfering with his hunt, and wanted the information on file.  
• 12:31 p.m — A Frontage Road resident reported they would be burning slash piles and expected to be done by 5 p.m.
• 5:43 p.m. — A caller reported “interesting activity” in the alley behind the 100 block of South Main Street. Officers responded and found everything OK, no security issues, and all the shop doors locked.
Nov. 13
• 8:56  a.m. — A caller complained about drivers at West Park Street and North Fifth turning right onto West Park from Fifth basically creating two lanes where there’s only meant to be one. The caller said they were almost in an accident and said the city should mark the roadway as two lanes or ticket people who make it two lanes. 
• 11:58 a.m. — A Gardiner caller said they had received a scam phone call from someone claiming to be with Social Security who said there had been fraudulent activity on their account in Texas. The caller did not give the scammer any information, but wanted to inform the sheriff’s office of the call. 
• 6:30 p.m. — A caller reported a motorist in a green Subaru Forester swerving and crossing the center line on U.S. Highway 89 South near Pine Creek. The caller reported following the vehicle for a few minutes before the driver pulled over. A deputy was advised, but was unable to locate a vehicle matching the description. • 7:30 p.m. — The manager of the Sherwood Apartments on South Main Street reported a man on the premises in a first floor apartment was smoking, slurring his words, and refusing to leave when asked to do so. The man was not a tenant of the building. The caller asked an officer to speak with the tenant about noise after hours.
Nov. 14
• 1:09 a.m. — A caller from LHC requested an officer to assist with a patient who said he had been assaulted outside the Cat’s Paw bar in Bozeman. An LPD officer told him he needed to followup with the Bozeman Police Department.
• 11:41 a.m. — A caller on East Lewis Street reported someone had stolen a wooden wagon wheel from her front yard. The theft is under investigation. • 1:34 p.m. — A caller on Wineglass Court reported a possible identity theft by a girlfriend who had opened up his bills and pulled his credit report. His credit card companies told him to file a police report. 
• 1:53 p.m. — A caller reported seeing a person on North Seventh Street walking two dogs and said the dogwalker yanked on one chain and kicked a dog really hard, making it wince and cower. The Animal Control Officer was contacted. 
• 3:44 p.m. — A caller in the 500 block of East Callender Street reported someone had ripped the antenna from his vehicle sometime in the past few days. The matter is under investigation.  
• 4:55 p.m. — A detention center employee requested a deputy search a Paradise Valley home and vehicle for weapons prior to the release of a suspect who had been charged with assault with a weapon. 
Nov. 15
• 4:06 p.m. — A caller at the Sherwood Apartments on South Main Street reported a trespasser in the building who had been asked to leave. The man said he was helping someone move. He was served with a no-trespassing notice. 
• 6:06 a.m.— A caller reported an injured deer near the intersection of Mill Creek Road and U.S Highway 89 South. A deputy responded and dispatched the deer.