Log book

Enterprise Staff
Here is a selection of calls placed to the Livingston Police Department recently. 
Oct. 27 
• 9:55 a.m. — A Livingston caller reported she has not heard from her adult son after he left town on a bus. Livingston Police Department officers contacted out-of-state agencies to request assistance locating him.
• 12:39 p.m. — A caller at PrintingforLess accidentally dialed 911.  
• 12:47 p.m. — A caller on West Geyser Street reported his ex-girlfriend was stalking him and said his boss is about to fire him because of issues she has caused at work. Officers contacted her and told her to stop contacting the caller. 
Oct. 28
• 12:54 a.m. — An intoxicated woman refused to leave the Office Lounge on South Main Street. Officers responded and told her to leave and not come back for the rest of the evening and she got a ride home in a taxi.   
• 2:26 p.m. — An officer noticed new graffiti in the underpass and requested a city crew come out and paint over it as soon as possible.
Oct. 29
• 3:02 a.m. — A caller on East Montana Street reported someone tried their doorknob, and then it sounded like someone kicked their door. The caller reported a man in a gray hoodie walking away. Officers responded and were unable to locate the man, but conducted extra patrol in the area for the rest of the night.
Oct. 30
• 6:22 a.m. — A  caller in the 700 block of East Park Street reported a man with apparent mental health issues hanging around, and they wanted him to go home. Officers gave him a ride home. 
• 7:24 a.m. — A caller at U-Haul  on West Park Street reported a rental truck had been vandalized over the weekend. The matter is under investigation. 
• 10:51 a.m. — A downtown business owner reported that a man came into the store and harrassed an employee. The man was served with a no-trespass order. 
• 12:24 p.m. — A caller reported a woman was walking down the alley behind the 300 block of South Main Street carrying a battery charger and yelling. Officers found her and told her she needed to stop yelling. • 6:09 p.m. — A caller in the parking lot near Shopko and Ace Hardware reported seeing a man in a Dodge Durango take the plates off his truck and get into a Toyota Solara. Officers ran the plates of both vehicles, and nothing criminal was indicated.
• 8 p.m. — A caller reported a possible drunk driver headed westbound on East Geyser between B and Lewis Streets. The caller said the driver of a white Ford Ranger almost ran into another vehicle. Officers located the driver, and requested medical assistance. The driver did not speak English and requested a translator. The driver was not ill or intoxicated and was not arrested. 
• 10:06 p.m.  — A caller reported a woman keeps breaking into his truck and wants something done about it. Officers spoke with the man and the woman and they agreed to separate for the night.
• 11:13 p.m. — Officers came upon a disturbance in front of Whiskey Creek Saloon. The officers spoke with everyone, and they all agreed to separate for the night.  
• 11:16 p.m. — A caller at a Main Street business reported a man on the street so intoxicated he could barely walk. Officers responded, but were unable to located anyone matching the description provided.
Oct. 31
• 10:41 a.m. — A caller said he had just seen a man who had written him bad checks walking on West Callender Street. The caller was told he needed to submit a complaint to the Park County Attorney’s Office before they could get involved.  
Nov. 1
• 4:30 p.m. — A caller on West Lewis Street reported the theft of their son’s bicycle the night before, a lime-green BMX bike with red polka dots. The matter is under investigation.
• 5:27 p.m. — A flashlight in a cloth case was found in the City-County Complex. 
• Numerous weather-related motor vehicle accidents and road slide-offs were reported throughout the evening.