Log book

Enterprise Staff
Here is a selection of calls answered by the Livingston Police Department in the past week. 
Aug. 18
• 4:09 p.m. — An employee of the Livingston-Park County Public Library reported that a man who had been banned from the library had come in and taken a chair, loaded it into his truck and left. The Livingston Police Department is investigating. 
• 4:22 p.m. — Officers responded to a disturbance at Frontier Assisted Livingston on South Third Street. A resident called to report they were upset because a staff member had allegedly yelled at her. The matter is under investigation.
Aug 19
• 9:02 a.m. — A caller in the Ebert Apartments reported that a FedEx box addressed to her had been in the hallway, but when she returned later with someone to help her lift the box, it was gone. LPD is investigating.  
• 1:20 p.m. — A caller reported that a vehicle had come through the parking lot near Ace Hardware on West Park Street and struck a man. The man who was struck was bleeding, but refused medical attention. Officers responded and the man who had been struck said he saw two men entering his truck, and when he confronted them, they took off running. He chased them, and they made it to their own truck. In the process of leaving the area, they struck him with their truck. Officers located and made contact with the drivers of several vehicles matching the description of the truck, but none were the truck in question. 
Aug 20
• 12:06 a.m. — Officers initiated a traffic stop at the intersection of West Geyser and West Park Streets and arrested a man on a charge of driving under the influence. 
• 8:19 a.m. — An employee at Diamond K Lodge called on behalf of a resident who had a fraudulent charge on a credit card. The card was canceled, and the matter is under investigation. 
• 4:51 p.m. — A caller on Loch Leven Drive in Livingston reported a man standing by some trees near her property and believes he was watching her. The caller requested extra patrol in the area. An LPD officer responded, but didn’t see anything suspicious.
Aug. 21
• 10:41 a.m. — A caller from North Dakota reported being “stalked” by a person in the Livingston area, taking her photos off social media and sharing them with other people. An LPD officer told her sharing photos is not stalking, but the matter is under investigation. 
• 4:03 p.m.  — A caller on North D Street in Livingston reported the sun roof on her husband’s vehicle had been broken the previous night. The matter is under investigation. 
• 7:13 p.m. — An officer was requested to stand by in the 700 block of East Lewis Street while an individual moved items out of her house. 
• 11:37 p.m. — A caller in the 1200 block of East Lewis Street reported their car stolen, but did not want to give a name or number. The vehicle was located in the parking lot of a Livingston restaurant, where his wife had taken it. 
Aug 22
• 5:27 a.m. — A caller reported two suspicious people in the parking lot of Alpine Yamaha on North Main Street. An officer approached the men, who told the officer they were related to the owners. 
• 5:27 p.m. — A caller standing outside the City-County Complex was unable to enter the locked doors and requested an officer escort him and his daughter through the doors in a matter related to a custody exchange. 
• 7:26 p.m. — A caller on River Drive reported a city sewer system lift station alarm going off. City crews were notified.  
• 10:12 p.m. — A caller in the 1300 block of West Geyser Street reported a sound like a gunshot. An officer checked around the neighborhood and said nothing looked suspicious. The officer spoke with a nearby neighbor, who thought the noise was fireworks. 
Aug. 23
• 12:28 a.m. — A complainant came into the police station to report a man had come up to him downtown and started yelling at him and harrassing him, asking him for money and following him. Officers searched for and found a man matching the description provided. The man was told that if his behavior continued, he could be arrested. The complainant did not choose to press charges. 
• 1:19 a.m. — Officers picked up some juveniles at Mayor’s Landing who were out after curfew, and they were released to their parents. 
• 8:36 a.m. — A caller in the 100 block of South M Street reported coming home to her house after a brief absence and finding broken bottles around her house. She wanted to speak with an officer. 
• 9:13 a.m. — A caller in the 400 block of South 10th Street reported a friend had taken her car the night before and not returned it. The vehicle was located in Sacajawea Park, and the caller did not wish to pursue charges. 
• 12:10 a.m. — A caller at the Country Motor Inn on East Park Street reported a group of four teenage boys had just broken a fence at the motel and said they were walking toward the Yellowstone River. Officers were unable to locate the teens. 
• 1:38 p.m. — A caller on South I Street requested a no-trespass order against a former roommate.
• 4:21 p.m.  — A Wineglass Court caller reported their 8-year-old son hadn’t gotten off the school bus when expected. The caller spoke with the school and the bus driver, and when the caller got home, the boy was sitting outside their house and was safe.  
Aug 24
• 7:56 a.m. — A motorist on Loves Lane at West Park Street reported a black pickup truck was stalled in a traffic lane on Loves Lane blocking traffic. Officers responded, and the vehicle was towed away by a friend of the pickup driver.