Log book

Enterprise Staff


Here is a selection of calls the Park County Sheriff’s Office and Livingston Police Department responded to recently.

June 23
• 10:48 a.m. – The complainant on L Street said her tenant stole her nebulizer and she said she must fill out a report to get a new one.
• 3:52 p.m.– The complainant said she married a man in Belgrade recently but worried he might be in the country illegally and bought a new identity. She said the man has been hiding in a restaurant. Officers visited the restaurant and found no one in the basement. The complainant said the person probably just ran away beforehand.
• 4:37 p.m.– A worker at a Park Street shop called to say her car was being broken into and it was “messed up” by the person. Officers investigated and could not identify that anything was stolen. The case is under investigation.

June 24
• 3:36 a.m. – A complainant on West Park Street called because their 17 year-old son was not seen for several hours and had stated he was thinking about running away. The son was found and cited for running away and breaking curfew, he was then returned home.
• 5:59 p.m.– Officers noticed that people were illegally parked on West Clark Street. When the people were asked as to why they were parked like that, they said they were busy having a birthday party. Officers advised them to move their vehicles.
June 25
• 11:59 a.m.– A tri-colored husky mix had been missing from a South C Street home for 18 hours and they called to say they needed help finding him. The complainant called back later stating he was at Stafford Animal Shelter.
• 2:58 p.m.– A complainant stated there were some kids throwing sparklers and fireworks on the streets and alleyways of East Gallatin Street. They stated the kids were tying many together with duct tape and was worried it would result in a bomb. Neighbors told the complainant the kids threw the fireworks at their house. Police advised the complainant to come in and make a statement.
• 7:48 p.m.– A complainant said there were fireworks going off in a local trailer park for over a half hour. Police investigated and found the culprits. They advised the people to not do it again because fireworks in the city limits are illegal.

June 26
• 3:36 p.m. – A complainant stated that one of her neighbors in her apartment building on Summit Street was harassing her. The complainant said she was scared to enter her apartment. Police arrived and escorted her to her residence and advised the neighbor to take up complaints with their landlord.

June 27
• 9:15 a.m. – A complainant stated that someone drove all over their property, located on Lower Cottonwood Road. They said there was a lot of damage to grass and roadway, and requested a deputy. A deputy arrived and took photos. It is under investigation.
• 11 a.m.– A complainant stated that their was trash blowing everywhere around a U.S. Hwy 89 South business, and wanted it picked up. The complainant was worried it would attract animals. The Department of Transportation later responded.
• 1:41 p.m. – A complainant stated there was a person in town stalking and harassing her at different businesses in the area. She wanted a restraining order. At 8:32 p.m., she called again stating she saw the person again and wanted to issue a statement.

June 28
• 2 a.m.– There were people seen at a downtown Livingston bar hanging out after last call. Police advised the people that they must close the bar at 2 a.m.
• 1:06 p.m. – A person in the Park County Detention Center told officers she wanted to report an assault that happened earlier in the week. Police assisted her.
• 5:23 p.m.– A man was seen playing on the equipment of a Livingston school playground by himself. Officers talked with the man.
• 9:18 p.m. – A complaint called up stating there was a car hanging out by the north side of his house on Bluebird Lane for ten minutes with his lights on. He said another SUV showed up and parked next to the car. The complainant wanted an officer to come. Later, the complainant called back saying they turned out to be some of his friends.