Log book

Enterprise Staff
Here is a selection of calls made to the Livingston Police Department during the past week. 
May 11
• 1:58 p.m. — A caller on Livingston’s southeast side reported a camper with no license plate and the doors left open was parked behind her camper. The caller was concerned someone could steal items from the trailer. The owner could not be identified and the camper was marked “abandoned.” 
• 4:40 p.m. — A woman reported she had forgotten her purse at an East Park Street establishment about 90 minutes before calling the police. The purse was no longer at the establishment, and an investigation ensued.
May 12
• 1:20 a.m. — A caller on South Main Street reported a yelling man, but wasn’t sure where the yelling was coming from. Officers found a man and woman, apparently intoxicated, who were walking home while having a verbal altercation. The officers advised them not to scream. 
• 3:55 a.m. — A caller on West Clark Street reported the sound of people arguing nearby. Officers located the couple at their residence, who proved to be the same man and woman from the 1:20 a.m. call, above. The couple said they were just talking, not yelling. Officers advised them to keep quiet for the rest of the night. 
• 8:28 a.m. — A “test” was reported in the daily call log. The test was for the local inter-agency mass casualty practice held Friday, May 12, at the transfer station on Bennett St. 
• 5:07 p.m. — A woman on Centennial Drive reported a man in a truck following her vehicle closely, yelling and screaming at her. 
• 5:33 p.m. — A caller on Livingston’s southwest side reported a male housemate attempting to enter the house. The other occupants didn’t want him in the house. Officers and medics responded when the man injured his hand attempting to break a window. No criminal charges were filed, the other occupants just wanted the man to leave for the day. 
• 6:15 p.m. — A resident on Livingston’s southeast side reported hearing a dog barking in a nearby house believed to be vacant. The animal control officer was advised. 
May 14
• 10:06 a.m. — A resident on Livingston’s northeast side reported someone had entered her vehicle the night before and stole some gasoline. The caller requested extra patrol in the area.  
• 1:40 p.m. — A vehicle and a motorcycle were in a motor vehicle accident on West Park Street. No one was seriously injured. 
• 9:19 p.m. — A traffic stop on East Park Street resulted in arresting the driver for driving on a suspended or revoked license and a possible DUI. 
May 15
• 8:30 a.m. — A caller on Livingston’s northwest side reported his daughter had taken his car without his permission. He did not want to report the car stolen. Officers contacted the daughter who said she would return the car. 
• 11:32 a.m. — A caller on Livingston’s northeast side reported that over the past few weeks she can hear “someone messing around around my house.” Nothing has been stolen, and officers advised her to call the next time she hears something occurring. She requested extra patrol. 
• 12:34 p.m. — A caller at an establishment on West Park Street reported two teens asked to use the phone. When they were refused, one of the teens squirted mustard and ketchup on the counter. Officers responded, and at least one of the teens, a juvenile, was cited. 
• 4:23 p.m. — A semi-trailer reportedly hit railroad crossing arms at Loves Lane and West Park Street.
• 8:55 p.m. — The Bozeman Police Department called Dispatch to report a woman who had absconded from Washington might be in the Livingston area. An officer reported a possible sighting of the vehicle earlier in the day. 
May 16
• 10:15 a.m. — A northside resident, working on a letter to the editor of The Enterprise, called the police with questions about traffic laws. 
• 11:54 a.m. — A caller on the city’s northeast side reported a woman had just hit him with her purse and requested to speak to an officer. He refused medical attention. The matter is under investigation. 
• 5:21 p.m. —  A woman on Livingston’s northwest side wanted to talk to an officer about harrassing text and Facebook messages she has received from a man and his girlfriend. Officers made contact with the man and told him to stop, and told the caller to contact law enforcement if he doesn’t. 
• 5:52 p.m. — A caller on Livingston’s southeast side said about a week ago her back gate was broken and someone tried to enter the yard the previous night. Nothing was stolen, and the caller requested extra patrol. 
May 17
• There were numerous calls reporting broken tree limbs, detached power lines and cars off the road during Wednesday’s slushy snowstorm. 
• 8:33 p.m. A caller on North Yellowstone Street reported a large tree, uprooted, had fallen across a power line. The line was not sparking. NorthWestern Energy was contacted. 
May 18
• 1:13 a.m. —  An unoccupied vehicle was reported in the Murdoch’s parking lot. An officer checked the vehicle.