LOG BOOK — Sept. 12-16

Enterprise Staff

The following is a selection of calls made to the Livingston Police Department and Park County Sheriff’s Office within the last week.


Sept. 9

• 9:59 a.m. — A caller in the 600 block of South Ninth Street reported his construction trailer was broken into the night before. He said there were lots of tools missing from the trailer. LPD is investigating.

• 12:18 a.m. — A caller near St. Mary’s School reported a woman took a child from the school. The caller said they believed the woman was the child’s grandmother and was unsure if the grandmother was supposed to take the child. LPD is investigating. 

• 3:25 p.m. — An Emigrant caller reported a man had come to her house to tell her she had an issue with her Citi Bank card and owed $2,900. She said he had previously been calling her about the card, and knew her correct address, phone number and amount owed. She said she was worried he had been in her apartment and looked at her mail. She thought it was odd and wanted to report it to law enforcement. She did not know the man’s name or vehicle license plate number for the PCSO to investigate.

• 6:20 p.m. — A caller at Sleeping Giant Middle School reported her daughter’s bicycle was stolen from the school’s bike rack. The caller said the bike changes colors between purple, blue and green. LPD is investigating. 


Sept. 10

• 12:48 a.m. — An East River Road driver was stopped by deputies for speeding. The driver was arrested for driving while their license is suspended. 

 • 1:46 a.m. — A caller at Gardiner’s Two Bit Saloon & Restaurant reported their Cannondale bicycle was stolen the night before. A deputy spoke with the caller and took statements. PCSO is investigating. 

• 9:05 a.m. — A caller in the 100 block of South Ninth Street reported someone had taken an air tank out of his car. LPD is investigating. 

• 2:21 p.m. — A deputy responded to a vehicle that was parked in the way of traffic with its hazard lights on near Interstate 90’s 333 overpass. The deputy was told that the owner of the vehicle had called a tow company and was returning to the vehicle. The vehicle was locked when the deputy found it. The owner returned to the vehicle and the deputy told him he should have called law enforcement for assistance since his vehicle was creating a road hazard. The man was unhappy with the deputy’s advice and called 911 to ask to speak to another officer. He was cited for creating a hazard by leaving the vehicle unattended and parked in the road. 

• 4:04 p.m. — A caller in the 600 block reported she had some medications stolen out of her purse. LPD is investigating.

• 10:02 p.m. — A deputy stopped a driver at his residence in Gardiner for a traffic violation and noticed a toddler in the window of the residence. The deputy determined toddlers in the residence had been left alone while the driver was out. The driver said he had gone to town to drop off some food for his girlfriend. The deputy contacted the Department of Family Services and requested a warrant for endangering the welfare of children. 

• 11 p.m. — A woman called wanting to meet an officer at the Livingston city pool. The woman was arrested for partner or family member assault.  


Sept. 11

• 2:17 a.m. — A deputy on U.S. 89 Highway South near mile marker 21 stopped a driver for defective lighting. The man was arrested for driving under the influence.

• 10:32 a.m. — PCSO was conducting extra patrols on Cokedale Road for a caller. 

• 7:44 p.m. —  A caller in the 500 block of West Geyser reported their Toyota had been stolen. The caller said she was going to make sure no one had borrowed the vehicle before she reported it as stolen. She contacted LPD the next day to say her vehicle was found near the Office Lounge & Liquor Store. The vehicle was returned to her undamaged and nothing was missing. There are no suspects at this time, and LPD is investigating. 


Sept. 12

• 8:03 a.m. — The Livingston school resource officer requested a complaint and report for drugs. The Park High School principal said the school had received a report about an Instagram video of a student smoking what appeared to be marijuana. 

• 9:47 a.m. — A Ridgeview Trail caller reported that some tools had been stolen from his construction site building. The building was locked and the caller said a key to the building was also stolen. LPD is investigating.

• 11:17 a.m. — A laptop computer was reported stolen at Park High School. LPD is investigating.

• 1:43 p.m. — An agency in Helena reported it had served a man with two Livingston City Court warrants for failure to pay fines. 

• 5:15 p.m. — A Missouri River Drug Task Force Agent assisted Montana Highway Patrol with a search warrant for a vehicle on U.S. Highway 10 West for a suspicion of drug activity. Multiple agencies were involved, and drugs were seized from the vehicle. Charges have not yet been filed.

• 6:31 p.m. — A caller on East Gallatin Street reported her vehicle was damaged, and her headlight and taillight had been broken. She said it may have been her son who was angry that he was asked to leave the property. LPD is investigating.


Sept. 13

• 9:44 a.m. — A Park County Justice Court judge called to request deputies arrest someone in the court room for contempt of court. The man wasn’t responding well to the judge and was reportedly answering questions with sovereign-type banter. He was arrested. 

• 10 a.m. — Deputies traveled to Bozeman to be sworn in to testify for a lawsuit in Gallatin County involving the death of a child in a vehicle fire years ago.

• 2:43 p.m. — An Indian Hills residence reported they received an Internal Revenue Service fraud call.

• 6:48 p.m. — A caller in the 200 block of South 10 Street reported a 40-year-old man knocked on her door and asked her for her landlord’s phone number. The man told the caller he was looking for an apartment to rent. The caller said the man was friendly and not pushy, but wanted the information on file.  


Sept. 14

• 1:32 a.m. — A caller on North Yellowstone Street reported there was a man and woman fighting in an apartment near them. Officers responded and found that the couple had only a verbal altercation. No charges were filed.

• 8:36 a.m. — A 911 caller at Park High School reported a 17-year-old had passed out in the Art Room.

• 8:56 a.m. — A 911 dispatch employee received a hangup call from the 200 block of South Third Street. Officers responded and could see a cell phone on the table and a dog barking in the residence. Given the nature of the 911 call, the officer entered to house to find an unconscious and unresponsive woman. The woman was transported to the hospital.

• 10:09 a.m. — The Clyde Park and Wilsall postmaster reported there were three residential mailboxes that had been shot with a shotgun in the last 24 hours. A deputy responded and took photographs. PCSO is investigating. 

• 1:09 p.m. — A Madison County Sheriff’s Office employee reported there was an 11-year-old Clyde Park girl who was texted by an unknown man using an Instagram account. The text made her feel uncomfortable and her mother had blocked the number. The mother wanted to report it as “predatory activity.” Madison County is investigating. There is a possible suspect in Madison County.

• 4:45 p.m. —  A driver on Canyon View Drive was stopped by a deputy. The driver was driving while their license was suspended. He received a citation. 

• 10:49 p.m. — Officers investigated a suspicious vehicle in the 1200 block of East Park Street. The driver of the vehicle was arrested for driving under the influence.


Sept. 15

• 8:20 a.m. — An officer stated he had stopped a vehicle with its hazard lights on. When the officer ran the license plate, it came back stolen. The female driver was arrested for possession of a stolen license plate, and the vehicle was moved to a safe location. 

• 9:10 a.m. — The Livingston School Resource Officer reported there was an 18-year-old man talking about hurting himself at Park High School. The man was taken to the hospital for an evaluation.