LOG BOOK — Aug. 19-25

The following is a selection of calls made to the Livingston Police Department and Park County Sheriff’s Office within the last week. 


Aug. 19

• 10:39 a.m. — A caller near TJ’s Gas and Convenience Store reported a two-vehicle accident involving a Chevy and Nissan that were blocking an alley. LPD responded and investigated the crash.  

• 11:56 a.m. — A caller in the 200 block of East Callendar Street reported she was in a traffic accident a while a go and was in court this morning for the crash. She said there was a man in court taking notes who she believed was involved in the accident. She was concerned about the man and wanted to speak to an officer. The description of the man did not match the man involved in the accident and LPD attempted to locate the man but was unable to do so.

• 1:22 p.m. — A caller reported there was an 11-year-old boy outside the bowling alley who ran into Shopko’s parking lot. The caller said the young boy said he wanted to kill himself. The boy’s mother found him and told police officers she did not want any law enforcement assistance.  

• 5:43 p.m. — A Deep Creek Bench caller requested extra patrols on the road because they said there has been constant incidents of speeding drivers. 

• 6:23 p.m. — A caller in the 900 block of West Clark Street reported their vehicle was parked outside their house and was struck sometime earlier in the day. The caller said they had returned from work to find damage to their vehicle. LPD is investigating. No suspects have yet been identified. 

• 7:29 p.m. — A Brackett Creek caller reported he was being harassed by someone’s mother. PCSO is investigating. 


Aug. 20

• 2:32 a.m. — A caller in the 600 block of North Ninth Street reported they could hear a man next door yelling at his daughter so loudly the caller couldn’t sleep. The caller said they were worried about the daughter. LPD responded. The man said he was upset and was on the phone yelling at his mother about his father, who was in poor health. His daughter was sleeping when LPD arrived, and nothing criminal had occurred. 

• 10:28 a.m. — A caller at the Emigrant General Store reported a man looked like he was going to steal some vitamins and may have stolen a cookie from the business. Deputies found the man on a bicycle, and he was served with a no-trespass order since the caller could not prove the man stole anything. 

• 7:52 p.m. — A caller in the 100 block of South M Street asked that an officer check on her friend, who told the caller she had cut her wrists. LPD spoke with the caller’s friend, who told officers she had suicidal thoughts and was depressed. LPD took the friend to the hospital for a checkup and evaluation.  

• 8:21 p.m. — An officer made a traffic stop on a vehicle and discovered the driver had a Montana Highway Patrol warrant for his arrest. He was arrested. 

• 11:46 p.m. — An officer made a traffic stop and discovered the driver had two warrants for his arrest. He was arrested. 


Aug. 21

• 4:59 a.m. — A caller in the 200 block of South 10th Street reported that her 17-year-old daughter was not at home and she did not know where she was. LPD was attempting to contact people involved when the mother called back to report her daughter was home and everything was fine. 

• 11:08 a.m. — An anonymous View Vista Drive caller reported a woman in her 20s and a young man were standing by a four-wheeler. The caller wanted to inform the PCSO about the incident because she thought it was odd behavior in case drugs were involved and wanted it on file. The information was passed to the Missouri River Drug Task Force. 

• 5:00 p.m. — A caller in the 200 block of East Summit Street reported she had a parenting plan for her son and she was supposed to have her son on his birthday. She said the son’s father was denying her request to have her child. LPD discovered the father had a Belgrade warrant, and he was arrested. 

• 10:51 p.m. — A caller staying at a Chico Hot Springs cabin reported she was in the bathroom when a man began speaking to her through a window. She said she thought the man was trying to get into her room. Chico Hot Springs security and deputies were unable to locate the man. Chico security moved the woman to another location for her safety. 


Aug. 22

• 9:13 a.m. — A Livingston Peak Road caller reported someone had locked a gate. The caller wanted a deputy to witness him cut the lock, which a deputy later witnessed. 

• 6:29 p.m. — A Billman Lane caller reported a man was “beating up his lady.” LPD and PCSO responded, and the man was arrested for partner or family member assault after an investigation was conducted. 

• 6:42 p.m. — A caller on the 500 block of North E Street reported they had put up some no-trespassing signs on their property, which were missing that morning. LPD is investigating.

• 11:39 p.m. — A Gallatin County official reported they had a woman in custody on a Park County warrant for failure to pay fees. 


Aug. 23

• 1:26 a.m. — An officer made a traffic stop for a vehicle that did not have any brake lights. The driver had two Belgrade warrants and was arrested. 

• 9:30 a.m. — A caller in the 300 block of South K Street reported she was unable to locate her wallet and noticed her credit cards have been used in Bozeman. She was told to bring in credit card statements showing the charges. LPD is investigating.

• 2:15 p.m. — A caller in an unknown location was concerned about a child being around drugs but said nothing was happening now. They were told to call their local law enforcement since PCSO was not in the caller’s jurisdiction. 

• 2:53 p.m. — An employee for Montana Fish Wild Life Parks came to the PCSO to report they were cleaning a bathroom at a fishing site access and found a syringe. The employee wanted to know what law enforcement thought he should do with it. A deputy told the MFWP employee to get a sharps container for future use, which the employee said they already had. The deputy told the employee to check with MFWP about how to dispose of syringes, since it has its own policies. 


Aug. 24

• 8:59 a.m. — PCSO was placing no-parking signs up around Gardiner in preparation for “An Evening at the Arch” event. PCSO Sheriff Scott Hamilton also cross deputized 15 National Park Service rangers. 

• 1:20 p.m. — A caller in the area of Park Electric Co-op Inc. reported a person was selling things and the caller thought the merchandise might be stolen. A deputy located the salesperson and found no criminal activity was taking place. The deputy told the salesperson that if they were going to sell anything within Livingston city limits, they would need a business license. 

• 5:07 p.m. — A caller on North M Street reported there was a girl crying and was afraid to go home. The girl told the caller she was upset about doing chores such as cleaning, cooking and babysitting. LPD spoke with the girl and her parents and inspected the house. It appeared that nothing criminal had been occurring and family services was notified.

• 10:56 p.m. — A 911 caller reported there was a man causing a disturbance at the Livingston RV Park and Campground. PCSO and LPD responded, and came to an agreement with the man about quieting down. He voluntarily left the campground. 


Aug. 25

• 1:50 p.m. — A caller near Pizza Hut reported there was a woman driving a gray car that appeared to be drunk. LPD responded and found the description of the car did not match the license plate given by the caller. Officers searched the area and couldn’t find a vehicle matching the description. 

• 4:11 p.m. — A caller in the 200 block of South D Street reported she had some fraudulent charges on her bank account. LPD is investigating. 

• 4:28 p.m. — A caller in the 800 block of West Crawford Street reported their black HERO bike was stolen while they are out of town between mid-July and Aug. 1. LPD is investigating.

• 5:19 p.m. — A caller in the 200 block of South H Street reported their red, single-speed bicycle was taken in the last 45 days. LPD is investigating. 

• 11:14 p.m. — A caller in the 400 block of North Yellowstone reported he was punched in the face by another man after a fight regarding both mens’ dogs’ aggressive behavior. 

The caller said he kicked the other dog to get it away. LPD is investigating.