Locals share comforts of home with children in need

Samantha Hill

Decorated with Dr. Seuss, pink characters or wild animals, local women quilt for children’s comfort after traumatic experiences.

Court Appointed Special Advocates or CASA, a national organization that assists kids who have been abused or neglected, is always looking for ways to help children and these local women helped contribute to the organization with their own unique quilts.

One of the members of the group, Kirsten HolyCross said that the group seeks out programs to donate their craft to including victims of the Katrina hurricane, breast cancer survivors and most recently an orphanage in Vietnam.

“We had been quilting for a number of years for the orphanage in DaNang,” HolyCross said.

She said the group made up of six locals, had been sewing some quilts for the orphanage for about eight years, but the group decided they wanted to move forward with something local.

“We were throwing around a couple of ideas and the group brought up CASA,” she said.

At the orphanage, the group was required to quilt according to the children’s ages and their genders. However, with CASA they are free to do whatever they want.

“We have a little bit of everything, there are no parameters,” she said.

The group dropped off about 16 quilts so far and will continue to do them until CASA doesn’t need anymore, according to Bev Rice, another member of quilting group.

She said they have put some together as a group with some precut fabric but the women can also work on them individually.

When a report of a child being neglected is released, CASA tries to find ways to give them comfort during that time.

“We normally receive toys and little educational items, but we have never received something as personal as these quilts,” CASA Development and Volunteer Director Ashley Peterson said.

Peterson said that the local organization for Park and Sweetgrass County has about 37 kids in the system at the moment in a variety of ages, so it will be nice to have multiple different quilts to give out as needed.

Besides little comforts, Peterson said  the organization is always looking for volunteers to help be advocates for children. To learn more about CASA call 222-4904.


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