Locals create satirical and ‘eye-conic’ card game

Samantha Hill

Have you ever wanted to buy a game that was not only made by locals but also makes fun of our president and the current condition of the United States? Well that particular game is coming out soon.

Eye Con is a card game created by four local friends with various careers, with the idea of satire and fun.

The goal of the game is to match the “icons” on the cards to another. The player with the least amount of cards is the winner.

The 57 icons featured in the game are things said during President Donald Trump’s election and presidency such as “Alt-facts,” and “Sad!” Other icons are more interpretive such as a person grabbing a cat, a “NO” over a national parks sign and sleeves with tiny hands poking out.

“We had a lot of fun making those cards,” A.J. Scaff, on the creators, said.

Scaff said he and his friends came up with it while sitting around a ski lodge last year.

They began looking into the mathematics of a game and what other games are out there.

Scaff did the art for the cards, while Kerry Bauer, Lindsay Aun and Phil Bailey provided other services. All of the design elements were created in-house.

“We all had a duty,” he said.

Eye Con is the first game created as part of the Two Dogs Playing company. Scaff said the four hope to create a board game in the near future, with not necessarily the same content but the same dark humor and satirical tone.

“Everything we do is meant for laughs,” Scaff said.

People can find the game as well Eye Con shirts and greeting cards in just a couple of weeks at the company website, https://eyecongamestore.wixsite.com/eye-con-game/our-etsy-shop as well as in town at Elk River Books.