Local theater to sell costumes Saturday

Enterprise Staff

On Saturday, the Blue Slipper Theatre will host a costume sale to clear out its  overabundance of hats, gowns and wigs to make room for renovations and newer pieces in the future.

“As a director, it is so hard to figure out what we need when there is so much stuff to go through,” Blue Slipper Director Peggy Weisgerber said.

The sale will start at 9 a.m. at the theater, with almost everything under $10.

Weisgerber said the basement of the Slipper will be remodeled at some point and that it was clear that it needed to be cleaned out before that.

“There were probably about 60 tubs of clothes down there,” she said.

Available at the sale will be many 1920s-era hats, several dresses, unique costumes — such as Santa Claus — and many other articles of clothing and accessories, she said.

The group is keeping a few pieces, particulary anything that wouldn’t be easy to find at a later date or are very unique, like military uniforms, really specific time period pieces and a few fur coats. The theater, however, is not to attached to most of it.

“We are getting rid of a lot more than we are keeping,” Weisgerber said.

The sale ends at 3 p.m. Saturday with potential opportunities for a theater yard sale next spring.