Local students receive over a million in scholarships

Enterprise Staff

Park High School students generated $1,051,316 worth of awards and scholarships at the annual “Celebration of Excellence” awards Tuesday evening.

The name of the contest, award or scholarship is followed by the amount and the name of the student.

American Legion Park Post 23 Oratory Contest Winner,    $250, Kaitlyn Roberts
Barbara Thronson / Park County Community Foundation Scholarships, $4,000, Haley Halstead, Dawson Purkett
Big Sky Wind Drinkers Scholarship, $1,000, Kendyl Pierson
Carroll College Athletic Scholarship for Track & Field and Cross Country, $20,000, Kendyl Pierson
Carroll College MT Advantage Scholarship, $8,000, Zoe Randall
Carroll College Presidential Scholarship, $68,000, Kendyl Pierson, Carroll College Scholarship, $86,928, Joey Pesa
Carroll College Trustee Scholarship’ $64,000, Zoe Randall
Catholic Daughters of the Americas - Court St. Mary’s Scholarship, $500, Sarah Haines
Eastern Washington University Western Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship,$13,920, Haley Halstead
Erickson Memorial American Bank Scholarship, $2,800, Kendyl Pierson
Ernie Sandberg “Service Above Self” Memorial Scholarship, $1,000    Sarah Haines
Fjeldstad Sisters Scholarships    $1,000, Sarah Haines, Dawson Purkett
American Legion Girls’ State Awards, n/a, Hope Emmanuel Grey, Reagan Smith
Hugh O’Brian Leadership Awards, n/a, Sam Fry, Jonathan Noble
Jim & Shirley Ricci Trust Scholarship, $500, Stormy Knerr
Larson Family Memorial Scholarship for Montana State University, $2,000’ Christal Bigner
Livingston Education Association Scholarship, $2,000, Kendyl Pierson
Livingston Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarships, $500, Jack Fry, Stormy Knerr, Aidan Todd
Livingston Masonic Scholarships, $500, Emily Kokot, Elizabeth Mickelson
Livingston Rotary Club Scholarship, $1,000, Stormy Knerr
Livingston Youth Bowling Awards, $500, Michael Kant, Kaitlyn Roberts
Livingston’s Ace Hardware Scholarships, $1,000, Barrett Neal, Kendyl Pierson
MARLS South-Central Chapter Trig-Star Award- 1st Place, $200, Drew Totland
MARLS South-Central Chapter Trig-Star Award- 2nd Place, $100, Jack Fry
Marvin O. Palmer Scholarships, $4,000, Ethan Bassett, Clayton Busby, Sarah Haines, Haley Halstead, Jake Hintz, Stormy Knerr, Dawson Purkett
MCTM Math Contest Winner, $200, Ethan Peace
Montana State University Marching Band Scholarship, $1,000, Kirk Mills
Montana State University Merit Award, $1,000, Dawson Purkett
Montana State University Montana University System Honor Scholarships, $27,560, Emily Forsythe, Jack Fry, Clyde Schulein
Montana State University MT University Award, $1,000, Kirk Mills
Montana State University Premier Scholarships, $1,000, Denise Benden, Jake Hintz, Natalia Voyich, Jymie Walker
Montana State University Premier Scholarships, $2,500, Sierra Brown, Emily Forsythe, Nick Zumpano
Montana State University School of Music Scholarship, $2,000, Kirk Mills
Montana State University-Billings Promise Award, $1,500, Destiny Ingram
Montana Tech of the University of Montana Chancellor’s Scholarship, $4,000, Clayton Busby
Montana Tech of the University of Montana Water & Environmental Technologies Park County Scholarship, $2,000, Clayton Busby
Montana Tech of the University of Montana Free Application Week Applicant Scholarship, $500, Clayton Busby
Montana Youth Achievement of the Year Award, $450, Jymie Walker
MT Economics Challenge- 1st place Individual, n/a, Natalia Voyich
MT Economics Challenge- 3rd place Individual, n/a, Stormy Knerr
MT Economics Challenge- 1st place Team, n/a, Drew Bergsing, Emily Forsythe, Destiny Ingram, Natalia Voyich
MT Economics Challenge- 2nd Place Team, n/a, Isabel Davis, Madison Patrick-Hughes, Reagan Smith
MT Economics Challenge- 3rd Place Team, n/a, Ethan Johnson, Colin Marks, Joey Pesa, Maia Reddington
National Merit Scholarship, $2,500, Clyde Schulein
National Merit Scholarship Program Finalists, n/a, Jack Fry, Kelton Madden, Clyde Schulein
Outstanding Community Service Award, n/a, Denise Benden
Park Electric “Luck of the Draw” Scholarship, $1,000, Zoe Randall
Perfect Attendance Awards, n/a, Austin Greger, Paul Hayward, Michael Kant, Abigail Kokot, Madison Montoya, Benjamin Morgan, Natalia Voyich
Principal’s Advisory Awards, n/a, Denise Benden, Tessa Coddington, Kelton Madden, Nacoya Madden, Kirk Mills, Alan Nelson, Jymie Walker
Prudential Spirit of Community Award Local Honoree, n/a, Denise Benden
Reed Nursing Award, $275, Zoe Randall
Rocky Mountain College Bear Grants, $6,020, Sarah Haines, Stormy Knerr
Rocky Mountain College Presidential Scholarship, $52,000, Sarah Haines
Rocky Mountain College Trustee Scholarship, $60,000, Stormy Knerr
Rotary Youth Leadership Award, n/a, Eve Morrison
Salutatorian, n/a, Jerrica Martin
Seamus Camp Memorial Night Owl Run Scholarship, $500, Kendyl Pierson
Seamus Curran Camp Renaissance Scholarship, $700, Max Serafin
SFCU Martha V. Hampson Achievement Awards, $1,000, Haley Halstead, Stormy Knerr
Southern Utah University Athletic Scholarship for Track, $41,444,    Lauren Emter
Southern Utah University Western Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship, $42,120, Lauren Emter
Southern Virginia University Academic University Scholarship, $8,000, Alexi Speas
Southern Virginia University Art and Design Scholarship, $6,000, Alexi Speas
St. Mary’s Scholarships, $500, Denise Benden, Charles Cornwall
Stillwater Mining Company Community Scholarships, $1,000, Sarah Haines, Stormy Knerr
The “Sweet Six” Mathematics Awards, n/a, Dalton Little, Christian Terrell
The College of Idaho College of Idaho Grant, $20,000, Madison Patrick-Hughes
The College of Idaho William Judson Boone Scholarship, $36,000, Madison Patrick-Hughes
The College of Idaho Women’s Track and Field Scholarship, $12,000, Madison Patrick-Hughes
Thomas E. Lane Memorial Scholarship, $4,000, Lauren Emter
U.S. Air Force Mathematics & Science Awards (2 of 2),  n/a, Sierra Brown, Max Serafin
United States Marine Corps Enlistment, n/a, Charles Cornwall
United States Navy Enlistments, n/a, Paulo Currie, Dustin Jacobsen
University of Iowa Old Gold Scholarship, $40,000, Eden Jones
University of Notre Dam Provost’s Scholarship, $14,000, Max Serafin
University of Notre Dame University Scholarship, $160,400, Max Serafin
Valedictorians, n/a    , Emily Forsythe, Kelton Madden, Clyde Schulein, Max Serafin
Veterans of Foreign Wars Voice of Democracy Contest Winner, $250, Kaitlyn Roberts
Warren Wilson College Grant, $10,559, Alicia Watson
Warren Wilson College Honors Scholarship, $56,000, Alicia Watson
Warren Wilson College Presidential Scholarship, $42,000, Alicia Watson
Youth Serve Montana Scholarship, $1,000, Denise Benden