Local podcast idea applauded; try to truly cross the aisle

Friday, November 22, 2019


Well this totally left-leaning local voter shamefully hasn’t sat down to watch the podcast, but will and applauds the idea. Any grassroots, local, political forum, left- or rightleaning is a plus in these days of reduced face-to-face interface.

That being said, in these times of stark and at times rude heated political and social division, any cooperative, polite, open and graceful communication between any two parties is a breath of fresh air. The intolerant political partisanship on our local, state and federal levels is an embarrassment to our nation and people.

My only personal wish would be a real effort on the part of these podcasters to truly make efforts to be all inclusive with their list of guests. We hear talk of “reaching across the aisle and “crossing party lines,” but the reality is that those are just hopeful words and obviously few make that reach or cross that line. Show us some real love, podcasters. Get some foaming-at-the-mouth right-wingers in front of a hot mike and keep them embers glowin’ hot!

Mark Murphy