Local finds, frames 110 year-old paper

Samantha Hill

In 2015, a local man found a copy of the Livingston Post and it will now be hung on the walls of the Blue Slipper Theatre.

Don Gimbal, once a member of the Blue Slipper Theatre board, was helping to clean out the basement of the theater a few years ago when he stumbled on the paper.

The theater building was home to  the Livingston Post newspaper before it shut down over fifty years ago. Despite that, Gimbal said, there were still rocks that propped up the printing press at one time.

“After moving those, we saw the page,” he said.

The page was printed the day after President William McKinley was assisnated in September 1901, showing the aftermath of the event.

“It  shows how tied Livingston was to United States even back then,” Gimbal said. “You can really tell how old this town is.”

After finding the paper, Gimbal decided he wanted to get it framed.

He said it took the last two years for it to be properly flattened and secured in the frame.

The article was donated to the Blue Slipper board Tuesday evening on the condition that it hangs on one of the theatre walls, Gimbal said.

“I hope that people will get a chance to see it,” he said.