Livingston’s Firehall Fitness gets a makeover

Samantha Hill

After buying Firehall Fitness Center last summer, owners Jodi and Charles Hubbell have given the business a fresh coat of paint and several more updates.

In the last couple of months, the couple painted the equipment room in gray, bought new equipment, and removed the carpet, giving the underlying concrete a polished marbled look.

Charles Hubell said that they are spending several thousand dollars on the transformations, but they knew it needed to be done.

Other renovations to the building will take place in the months ahead. The weight room and the other equipment room will also get a fresh coat of paint, and more of the flooring will be replaced.

Hubbell said he was unsure of what the colors will be in those rooms — he said Jodi is the color person — but expects the hues to be more neutral then the current bright yellow.

The balcony area that houses the weight room will be extended to the far wall, doubling its size.

Hubbell said they plan to get these projects out of the way as quickly as possible because the locker room will be their biggest undertaking and expense. Work on that is planned for 2017.

“It will be so much work and money because we can’t just do it in pieces like we could with the upstairs,” he said.

An old, non-working jacuzzi tub will be removed. It is located between the women’s and men’s locker rooms. Once that is taken out, the locker rooms will be enlarged and the sauna will be extended.

Hubbell said that a couple of weeks ago, the business was closed for five days for the renovations, but he does not anticipate it will close again for renovations anytime soon.

“We will just figure out a way to work around it,” Hubell said.

Firehall Fitness Center is located on 124 E. Callender St. It is open 24 hours a day. For more information, call 222-8716.