Lincoln Holiday Sale features new and experienced crafters

Samantha Hill

The Lincoln Holiday Sale on Thursday will be buzzing with creative types, some are not new to selling crafts while for others its their first time.

This is the third year of the sale and it features sixteen different crafters making more traditional holiday fare such as ornaments and cold weather accessories. There will also be pet supplies, jewelry, art and clothing.

For Annie Liebscher selling her hand-made mittens is a new experience.

Liebscher said she started felting items when she was just a little girl, mostly making pairs of mittens for herself. However, since there has been interest in her products for the last several years she decided to sell them at the fair.

She made over 30 pairs of wool mittens for babies, toddlers, children and adults. As well as fettered mushroom ornaments.

Liebscher said creating the crafts was more time consuming than she expected but she did receive some help from her two young daughters, Elise and Freya.

“It’s really their favorite way to be a part of things,” she said.

Another creator Emily Fay, has some more experience producing her craft, dog collars, which she has been showing at various craft shows this year.

With her sewing experience, she tried to make her own collar for her beagle, soon she realized a knack for it and began to sell them on and off for the last several years.

Fay said the collars, going by the business name Fetch, is jacquard technique and uses ribbons and colorful yarns.

Although she loves her job at Mystery Ranch Backpacks, she has been looking to expand her collar business by going to more craft shows, building an online presence and creating leashes and bandanas.

“I just like it is something just kind of fun and new,” Fay said.

She will be teaming up with her father, artist Joe Fay who will be selling small versions of his colorful bird paintings and wearable pin art at the fair.

Also at the fair will be music by Jeff Purcell and Katherine Taylor. Beer will be provided  by Neptune’s Brewery.

The sale will run from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Thursday in the Lincoln Auditorium of the Lincoln School.   All of the spaces are on the 3rd floor of The Lincoln School at 200 East Lewis Street in Livingston.