Letter writer, did you talk to Mel Friedman?

Tuesday, December 10, 2019


I am writing with a question for Mr. Robert Montoya, who wrote the vituperative letter about our Commissioner Mr. Mel Friedman. Did you talk with Mr. Friedman about your concerns? I have had numerous occasions over the years to communicate with Mr. Friedman, and I would like to assure Mr. Montoya that he will never find a better listener, a better or more kindly person than Mel Friedman to serve our community. It would have been a kindness on his part to call Mel Friedman and voice his concern, rather than writing such a letter.  

It strikes me that Mel Friedman serves the older constituency of our community very well, which is much needed with an ever-growing community of retirees. The issues he has supported over the years affirm this. 

Thank you for The Enterprise for keeping us informed so well about our local issues.

Bonnie Hyatt-Murphy