Let us learn the stories of newcomers to Livingston


If you recently moved to Livingston or have lived in Livingston for a long time, it is important to thank the people who contributed and made this small community beautiful and vibrant. As  I look by in history, I see many examples in the census records. They were not the ones with their names on the buildings but the workers who built and maintained them so we many enjoy them a generation later.  

If you start at the 1890 census and forward you will soon see that the majority of the old residents were immigrants, people who moved here to make a better life for their children and future generations. They were hard workers.   

They farmed, ranched, opened restaurants and grocery stores. 

Some of them like the Chinese and Japanese were never granted citizenship or able to return to their birth country to visit families. Others from Europe and Africa had very little education or money but they had the desire and the skills to start a new life in the  rugged mountains of Montana. Newcomers to Livingston also need to share their family’s story with us. On Martin Luther Day let us learn and share the stories. And remind the politicans that diversity built this great country and will continue to make it strong.

Nancy Adkins