Let’s talk about Donald Trump and Christmas

Monday, December 23, 2019


I watched all of the impeachment hearings, and did not miss the remark the ranking member of the house and rules committee, Congressman Tim Cole, made about this impeachment of Donald Trump, being at Christmas time, sad. Well, Christmas time, let me talk about Donald John Trump and Christmas time! He is at his palace, Mar-a-Lago, in opulence fit for a king, he’ll be gorging himself on a luxurious Christmas feast, surrounded by his wealthy supporters, I hope he thinks about this, and I hope his Republican enablers on the Hill, who helped him, remember this, too!

Any person wealthy enough to be at Mar-a-Lago with Trump, deserve what they will get, listening to him rant, their whole expensive Christmas visit, just Google and watch his rally during the impeachment vote, you will see what I mean!

Trump’s Republican’s on the Hill, are the very people who aided him in kicking 700,000 people off their safety nets, at Christmas time!

They took away their SNAP, now, while they are feasting on their Christmas dinners, in their cozy dining rooms by their firesides, these poor people will rely on the kindness of real Christians everywhere to provide Christmas dinner for their children!

Trump and his people cut their medical aid, too, by cutting CHP, why? Because these people most likely believe the majority of the 700,000 people are, black, brown and lazy, when most likely, they are working jobs that pay a mere, $8.65 an hour!

Trump has had the audacity to brag about saving money off the unfortunate’s backs, Christmas time?! Trump lacks even one Christ-like, compassionate, personality trait, you only need to look at how he treats the less fortunate, especially if they are of color. He is a man who has never given to charity, he steals from charity!

Trump is the guy, who played with tariffs (and I don’t believe a thing he’s been saying about China) and devastated our farmers. When they pushed back, because their crops were rotting in their fields, he panicked and had no problem taking billions of taxpayer dollars to give them welfare and bragged about saving them!

I know Trump won’t give these people a moment’s thought, a narcissist, he has no true human emotions, no caring, no love, no sympathy, no empathy, except for himself!

I don’t know about the Republicans on the Hill supporting Trump, but they are supporting a man who has proven he is pro-Putin, pro-Russia, and they don’t care, so I doubt they’ll worry about 700,000 poor people!

What value are poor people, in the days where the stock market takes precedence over human decency, anyway, when the most indecent human being of all, is running the country for them!

I say, Merry Christmas to Trump, I hope he is enjoying the most delicious piece of chocolate cake on the planet, let him eat cake, and I thank God the one thing he didn’t want for Christmas, he got, the filthy “I” word!

Sharon K. Snow