Let’s keep our spaces of dwelling ‘spacious’

Tuesday, March 10, 2020


Please consider. The zoning commission is contemplating Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) as a possible solution for housing and is looking for feedback. To allow living spaces to be built upon existing living spaces is not healthy. Many of us have a guest room or some means to assist family that is in need or extend help to someone we feel called to help. ADUs are rentals. These rentals would be added into our residential zones that are designed for single-family dwellings. Our neighborhoods would be open to business adventures.

Accessory Dwelling Units are promoted as a viable means for affordable housing and extra income. However, there are other considerations. Our stable, family neighborhoods would be open to a transient living style and crowded structural conditions. Our land property with its healing elements would be over burdened and our own psyches would be bombarded due to the lack of what is known as “breathing room.” We are more than a physical form. We are multi-dimensional and sensitive to other needs than just physical needs. Our land is more than a platform. It holds a healing balm that we have experienced in our outdoor walks, gardening, explorations and various activities. Many of us have seen an exhausted plot of land exemplifying abuse or lack of care in some fashion. Mankind and Mother Earth are partners nurturing each other in our balanced partnership.

Consider our massive cities made up of community blocks of populations of people. Consider the crime rates; consider the mental health; consider the economy and the homeless; consider the poverty; consider the grime and refuse resulting from the congestion of people struggling to maintain their lives and livelihood. Life becomes denser and many are caught in the snare of maintaining the routine of survival. This can be oppressive and the land is crippled and limited in its partnership to help us.

Montana is open skies and freedom of choice from that way of living. Let’s honor that healing gift of Montana and turn to the work of keeping our lives, livelihood and communities of Livingston in the freedom that Montana so represents and that people over the decades of years have sought out and endured the hardships to enjoy.

We came from the settled, burgeoning towns or cities a century ago or maybe just yesterday. We strove to get here; let’s strive to stay in the spacious, open-air freedom that we have found inside and out. Hold fast the treasures we have. Keep our spaces of dwelling “spacious.” And in the spirit of freedom, let us upgrade our space as we are able. Upgrade to enhance and share that Montana gift we have received which interlocks with our own spirit of humble pride and achievement in the multi-dimensional beings we have been created to be. Let’s respectfully take dominion over the gift of our lands.

Let’s honor the whole person we are. Let’s honor the whole life-of-the-land with which Montana gifts to us. We are worthy of this. We are co-creators of this. We can do this.

Susan Vernon