Junk and Disorderly, new antique store, opens

Samantha Hill

A Marilyn Monroe porcelain bust, a rusty vintage Coca-Cola cooler and a tree trunk all fill the room in the new antique store, Junk and Disorderly.

“We chose the name because it made us laugh and it sounds like me,” owner Dan Porter said of the store, which opened today.

Located on East Park Street just west of the Teslow grain elevator, the business’ industrial red building looks a little worse for wear on the outside, but inside Porter, with the help of some friends, transformed it into an industrial looking tree house complete with a walkway.

However, the changes didn’t happen overnight. Porter acquired the building two years ago, but due in part to some renovating challenges, had to delay opening the business until now.

Inside the shop, people can find a wide assortment of silver tableware, books, ranch supplies and furniture. Porter said it is a benefit to have such a big building because they can fill it with some things other businesses can’t.

“It’s definitely an eclectic mix,” he said.

Other than the typical housewares found in many antique stores, Porter’s shop also offers old building supplies, including doors and windows along with recycled metal and wood. A locksmith will also reside in the same building.

While Livingston has other antique stores, Porter doesn’t believe there is any competition between them.

“We all complement each other,” he said.

Junk and Disorderly will be open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The business is located on 619 E. Park St. For more information, call 224-5258.


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