Judge me on my track record

Tuesday, December 10, 2019


I’m writing in response to a letter last week that called into question my preparation to serve on the City Commission based on my performance at a pre-election candidate forum sponsored by AAUW.  To be fair to the writer, I agree with his unfavorable assessment of my performance that evening and wanted to offer some perspective.   

I have struggled with poor hearing for some time and started wearing hearing aids shortly after I joined the City Commission eight years ago. My current pair have reached the end of their useful life and, while I am in the process of addressing this, the timing has been unfortunate.  The acoustics on the night of the debate were particularly challenging and it would be fair to reflect that my answers seemed out of touch.

What I hope the writer and others will judge me on is my ongoing track record of addressing the issues in front of the commission. Even though others may not always agree with my votes, I pride myself on being prepared and keeping an open mind. 

Ironic to the topic at hand, it has been my pleasure to join my fellow commissioners at our monthly listening sessions.  The next one is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 14 at the Pickle Barrel, and I invite anyone and everyone to join us. Folks can also call me directly. My phone number is listed on the City of Livingston website and I would be happy to talk with you about your concerns.

Mel Friedman