Judge issues gag order in Overstreet case

Justin Post —
Wednesday, August 7, 2019

A District Court judge has issued a temporary gag order preventing attorneys from discussing with reporters the case of a former Livingston man charged in a 2015 fatal crash.

During a Tuesday hearing on a separate matter related to the case, the prosecution addressed an article that appeared last week in The Livingston Enterprise, and sought from District Judge Brenda Gilbert an order preventing the parties, or their attorneys, from having contact with the media. 

Gilbert ruled from the bench Tuesday and issued the temporary gag order, and gave the parties 30 days to file motions addressing the issue of contact with the media related to the case against Walter J. “Joey” Overstreet Jr.

“Pending the filing and resolution of such a motion, the court directs that the parties herein and counsel refrain from having any contact with any media source regarding the substance, facts or legal theories involved in these proceedings,” Gilbert’s order states. 

The temporary order expires after 30 days if neither party files court documents addressing the matter.