It’s time for Park County to reevaluate refuse


Last year, the Park County Commission raised the refuse rates by nearly 10 percent. The Commission obviously never bothered to insure that all users are paying their fair share.  They just used the easy method of raising all household rates.

The City of Livingston weighs the refuse that every business produces. The city does this to insure that each business pays their fair share. For example, a popular restaurant in Livingston produces approximately 116 tons of refuse per year. Meanwhile Park County tax records show that Chico is being charged for 60 tons of refuse per year. Does the Commission believe that Chico with two restaurants, two bars and a hotel will produce half the refuse of a restaurant in Livingston? It is time for the Commission to take the time to re-evaluate the refuse production of businesses in Park County and quit relying on residential customers to subsidize the refuse costs of major contributors.

Marty Malone
Paradise Valley