Health Board recommends masks indoors, and virtual meetings

Jason Bacaj
Wednesday, October 13, 2021

The Park City-County Board of Health unanimously voted Tuesday evening to recommend that everyone wear masks in all indoor settings and that groups shift from indoor events and meetings to a virtual platform whenever possible.

The recommendation comes during a surge of cases in Park County. Alex Baukus, Park County Health Department director, said that 88 people came through the county’s free drive-through COVID-19 testing at the county fairgrounds Tuesday and that, of those tested, 17 were positive for the novel coronavirus.

“Our cases are skyrocketing, to be quite honest,” said Dr. Laurel Desnick, Park City-County health officer. “The hospital has been at or near capacity for some weeks. The National Guard is here helping. We had two more deaths on Saturday, so that’s five in a week.”

Desnick added that the current number of positive cases has overwhelmed county contact tracing efforts. There were 20 new cases of COVID-19 in the Livingston School District on Tuesday associated with more than 100 close contacts. The county currently has two people doing contact tracing full-time and a few others working on a part-time basis, Baukus said.

“We hope to be able to catch up with that in the coming days, but with these high levels of cases, it’s not realistic to be able to call every contact,” Desnick said.