Healing Horizons Therapeutic Massage opens doors

Samantha Hill

A new massage therapist has opened her doors in the past couple of months to offer healing and some relaxation.

Healing Horizons Therapeutic Massage is owned by Anne Marie McGowan, who started her practice on the East Coast and has worked her way through the country learning different skills along the way.

“Some of the treatments someone may offer will be completely different than the way I was taught,” McGowan said at her business last week. “It’s all about finding what works for them.”

Healing Horizons Therapeutic Massage provides healing for customers with joint or muscle pain and almost always comes with a referral from a doctor or some kind of specialist. McGowan’s specialized services are for myofascial restrictions, joint movement limitations and soft tissue injuries. She also does some relaxation massages, but it’s not as common.

Healing Horizons Therapeutic Massage is located inside of Stephen Dopelbower’s chiropractic office in Livingston’s Point Del Mar complex, where McGowan, who is a certified massage therapist, works closely with the chiropractors to help people despite not being associated with the office.

As the business progresses, McGowan hopes to work with doctors at Livingston HealthCare to be part of the list of options for Livingston residents needing massage therapy.

McGowan, who both skis and does other outdoor activities, feels she knows what kind of pains her clients might have to deal with.

“They could say they fell on their skis and their side hurts and I will probably know what I need to work on,” she said.

Healing Horizons office is open Monday through Friday by appointment. The office is located at 1201 Highway 10 West. To schedule an appointment or for more information, call 952-807-7170.