GUEST EDITORIAL: Their turn to buy a round

This may be more of a guy thing but, at the risk of offending our female readers, we will venture forth nonetheless.

Besides, there is valuable information here for any woman seeking a mate.

Every guy who has ever sat about a drinking establishment with other guys has seen this happen. That is, the first guy buys a round. Then the second guy. Then the third guy . . . etc. etc. etc. You get the drift. It’s not that complicated, which explains why guys understand it. But without exception there is always one guy in the guy-gang who somehow, some-way, miraculously escapes his turn to buy.

What’s more, that guy doesn’t just miss his turn once – but possesses the uncanny knack for being absent every time it is time to buy. Yesterday, tomorrow, next week – this guy never misses the chance to miss his turn. Every guy reading this knows what we’re talking about. The good news is that women are wrong.

Women say that guys are not very observant (you went to the hairdresser?) but in fact guys are quite perceptive – when it comes to buying rounds.

It doesn’t take long before the deadbeat-scoundrel in the group is identified. Once the guy-pack identifies the bum, one of two things happens: He buys or he is excluded when it comes to feasting on the next round of beverages.

It’s a lot like you see on the National Geographic channel. You know, when the herd kicks out a bad member for not doing his share. It’s just like that, except without the great photography. That’s what happened in Europe last week.

Not the National Geographic thing – the bit about getting the deadbeat to pay his share. So for some 68 years now the members of NATO have banned together to provide defense for their member nations. The idea is that the nations that comprise NATO are stronger as a group than separately.

As it turns out, NATO may be one of the greatest creations to come from politicians anywhere.

Before NATO, Europe suffered through a seemingly interminable succession of wars. But since 1949 that all changed. NATO can be credited with keeping Europe largely peaceful. And this includes the Cold War years when world powers regularly joisted.

But like the bum at the bar, some NATO members are not paying their share. In fact, it’s worse than that. Most NATO countries refuse to pay their share.

Only five of the 27 NATO countries spend what they agreed to pay on defense. The rest cheat – leaving the inordinate share of defending Europe on the U.S. taxpayer.


Because until now, nobody called them out.

That changed last week when President Trump, in a public forum, broadcast to the word, demanded they meet their obligations. And don’t forget. These are not pauper states. The GDP of the European Union equals that of the United States.

The reaction was predictable.

Media outlets that dislike Trump hissed about how inappropriate such language was. They fussed over how our allies and the rest of the world might perceive the U.S. after the blunt language of his demands and expectations of our NATO allies.

Which tells us those reporters never drank beer in a bar with guys.

It may not be comfortable, it may not be pretty - but the only way to get a mooch to buy a round is to demand he pay up. Sorta’ like Trump did last week. The difference is instead of your local tavern, these mooches got called out in Brussels. So – with kudos for any of the fairer sex who mucked through all that to get to here - here’s the tip for women seeking a mate.

Never – never ever – link-up with a guy who ducks his turn to buy. Not only is he cheap, but that behavior is no aberration.

Let’s hope that is not true of our allies in Europe.

— Dan Hammes
St. Maries (Idaho) 
Gazette Record