God cares about the everyday things in our lives

The end of my fall speaking schedule is near. The last two weekends were spent at a fun community event in Baker, Montana, sponsored by the Catholic Daughters and an Evangelical Lutheran conference in Billings. Both times God blessed us with good lessons, fellowship and lots of laughter (with a few tears, too).

Lois Olmstead


Now I have been adding programs and photos to my scrapbook. It was fun looking back through the pages. There was a story about the Hucrest Church of God retreat. It was held at Bandon on the Oregon coast at the Lake Bradley Christian Camp. What a beautiful place, with a view of the ocean from the dining hall and cabins.    

Once again I fell to my knees when they left me alone inside the speaker’s cabin. I am humbled and at a loss for words when I think of what God has done. Many times when people face bad times in their lives, they say, “Why me, Lord?” I tend to do the reverse. When I walk into a cabin like this, blessed and knowing it, I cry out “Why me Lord?” Does He really know me, the servant on this day? Then His Spirit within me says, “Be grateful and keep telling others about Jesus.”

This church was not a large megachurch. It was a normal church. Paying for a speaker to come from Montana would be a hefty expense for these ladies. So do you know how my ticket was paid? I will not use her last name because she did not do it for recognition. But a longtime friend paid for my plane ticket so I could speak at this retreat. Thank you, Grace.

Isn’t that a good message for today? Do you have some “grace” you could share with someone to make something special happen? That is a wonderful way to serve obediently and humbly.

It was fun to look at some of the memories I had written on these pages through the years. One came from the Falls Creek Retreat Center near Raymond, Washington. I drove my rental car across the bridge into the beautiful retreat grounds.

A unique feature of Falls Creek Retreat Center is a chapel on top of a mountain on their property. At the chapel is a 35-foot-tall cross that is lighted at night and can be seen for miles. The camp owner took us un-athletic types up in a four-wheel-drive bus. One of his stories had to do with the bridge. He owned a large equipment dealership in Portland, which helped in the upkeep and expenses of running this conference center. A year before, the county road people informed him that his bridge needed to be replaced. When he looked at the timbers under the old bridge, he agreed with the assessment. However he did not know how he was going to pay for a new bridge.

He told us he drove back to Portland that weekend praying all the way asking God what to do. The miracle came he shared, when he got a call at his office that very week from a Canadian dealer who said, “I have an odd request for you. I have a customer who wants to buy a piece of equipment that you sell. He wanted me to ask you if you would consider taking a bridge he has in trade?”

As I closed my scrapbook, I felt my faith renewed afresh. I thanked God again for providing that bridge. Then I prayed, “Dear Lord, let me not doubt your interest in the everyday things of my life. It may not be a bridge, or a paid plane ticket, but I know You care about the needs of your ‘sheep.’” Now, dear readers, would be a good time to recite the 23rd Psalm together. OK?


EDITOR’S NOTE: Lois Olmstead is an inspirational speaker and author who lives in the Shields Valley. Email her at loiso@wispwest.net or visit www.timeoutwithlois.com.