Give children, parents opportunity they deserve with school choice


Every family who has more than one child realizes how different each child can be, in a myriad of ways. You love each one, encourage their natural abilities and help them become strong and self-reliant individuals. One of those unique character traits can be how that individual learns best. 

We have always been supporters of our educational system and the many wonderful teachers and administrators we have known while raising our three children here in Livingston. We have also come to realize that not all children learn best in the same type of environment. Some need a different approach to learning. According to statistics, it can be somewhere between 10 and 20 percent of students who have special or nontraditional needs in the approach to education.

Because of this, we have arrived at the conclusion that having school choice, as an option for parents, is an essential need for those under-served children who struggle in a traditional system of education.

This is one of the many reasons we are supporting Debra Lamm for HD 60. Not only does she understand this need, but has been working to bring this message to Helena. Debra is an intelligent and thoughtful leader who has gained the respect of those with whom she serves in the legislature. In her first term, Debra was elected as vice-chair for the Education Committee — an extremely important seat for parents and children.

Please join us and give our children and parents the opportunity they deserve with school choice by voting for Debra Lamm on Nov. 8.

Jean and James Bennett