Gardiner poet reflects on the need for wild places

Who needs wilderness?
We do
Every dad-blamed man, woman and child,
Especially the child, on earth
To show us the natural symmetry of
leaf patterns, tree branches,
river meanderings,
the grace of bird flight
deer, running or feeding
unhindered by harness or leash.
The land will never be carved
into our human image
by bulldozer, road grader
backhoe, dynamite,
shovel or chainsaw.
Only to a grotesque mockery 
of what was beautiful and whole
While we, bereft of beautiful
Become smaller in hope
Meander in ideas and ideals,
Sickened by polluted air and water
and by the diseases that follow
overcrowding on a planet 
over blessed with people
at war with themselves
and God.
Martha Adkins