Flag concerns on Memorial Day


Saturday, May 24, some of my family and I went to Calvary Cemetery to do what we do every year – put some small graveside flags by the headstone of every known veteran buried there.

On Memorial Day we all went to the services presented very year by the American Legion, VFW and the auxiliaries. Starting at Wilsall, then going to Clyde Park, Calvary, two sections at Mountain View, then to Park View Gardens and ending up on the banks of the Yellowstone River in Sacajawea Park.

When we got to Calvary Cemetery, we found flags missing from three WWI veterans’ graves. When we put the flags out, we use a long metal rod with a pointed tip and a small rectangular bar about 10 inches from the tip. This is pushed down in the grass at the left side of the headstone and the flag staff is put down in the hole. We were quite sure that we had not missed them. When we replaced the flags, we found the holes we had made on Saturday. If anyone knows what happened to our flags, they can call the American Legion Post.

As we reached each of the cemeteries we found only three of them had a flag on their flagpole — Wilsall, Clyde Park and Calvary. The Legion put one of their flags up at Park View and Sacajawea Park for the services. It would seem to me that the least Livingston could do in honor of Memorial Day, would be to display our American flag. We have many out-of-state members of our deceased who maybe only come at Memorial Day, and it does not give a very good impression of our town. There is nothing prettier than our flag, Old Glory, waving in the breeze.

A big thank-you to all who helped put up all the Avenue of Flags at the Wilsall and Clyde Park cemeteries and in Sacajawea Park, and all the volunteers who helped put out all the small flags at all the cemeteries. It is a big job.

Helen Cassidy