Hunter D'Antuono

As our planet circles our life-sustaining sun, its Northern Hemisphere tilts away from its star’s warming rays this time of year, pulling Montana a little farther out of the direct light. 

While darker days are still to come with winter on the way, we are fortunate to live at a latitude where we are treated to the visages of summer in an annual display of evanescent color. 

A particularly good spot near Livingston to appreciate the aesthetics of the autumnal phenomena is in Paradise Valley up Suce Creek Road, where groves of aspen grow in abundance, their white trunks skirted with a vermilion undergrowth. 

There, the higher elevation and cooler temperatures make autumn a little more advanced than it is in town. But reds, yellows and fading patches of green are not the only colors of the fall spectrum. Violet fall blooms add another hue to the painting, and dark blue and snow white berries accent the ground. Frost and snow are on the horizon, making the cyclical burst of color all the more precious. 

Take a few extra drives or walks this autumn before it fades into the inevitable white of winter. You won’t be disappointed. 


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