Farmgirl Pizzeria & Bakery opens in downtown Livingston

Dwight Harriman

If you’re hankering for pizza with a personal touch, look no farther than Farmgirl Pizzeria & Bakery, which opened Nov. 14 at 101 N. Main St. in Livingston.

Farmgirl Pizzeria & Bakery is owned and operated by Dan and Mayana Rice. 

The Rices are no stranger to the Livingston downtown business scene. They opened Jumping Off Point, an outdoors provisions store, in March, and bought the Livingston Bakery and Bodega in April.

They then closed the Bakery and Bodega, merging the grocery aspect of it into the Jumping Off Point and the baking part of it into Farmgirl, which occupies the same space the Bakery and Bodega did.

Farmgirl offers specialty pizzas, or “around the world pizzas,” as its menu says. They range from the Wild West, featuring bison meat, blueberries, onions and green peppers; to the Bangkok, which includes green curry sauce, veggies with chicken or garbanzo beans (vegan cheese available); to the Naples, which features Marghertia classic fresh mozzarella, basil, olive oil and garlic — to mention just some of the specialty pizzas.

The shop also has more traditional pizzas, with a wide variety of meat and vegetable toppings, which can go on specialty pizzas as well.

All the pizzas are hand-tossed, made in what’s called the New York style with a big, puffy crust. Don’t drool, but as a final step in creating a pizza, the Rices lather the crust in garlic butter.

The dough and sauces for the pizzas are made in-house with an emphasis on local and Montana-grown ingredients. 

And there are vegetarian versions of their pizzas, as well.

“Everyone deserves pizza, regardless of what their dietary restrictions are,” Dan said.

Dan’s connection to pizza goes way back: His grandfather opened a pizzeria called Rocco’s Pizza in Minnesota in the 1950s that’s still in the family.

But Farmgirl Pizzeria & Bakery offers more than pizza. It has salads, wraps, pastas and a wide variety of baked goods.

“One of our specialties is sourdough bread,” Mayana said. “I have a Livingston sourdough starter that’s over 10 years old now.”

The store also does special orders — last week it baked 100 pies for a real estate company — as well as pizza deliveries, and it offers carry-out specials.

The name Farmgirl comes from Mayana’s background: “I spent most of my younger years in 4-H and FFA,” she said, and she has a degree in agriculture from the University of Florida. The shop’s use of local ingredients also plays into the name.

Farmgirl Pizzeria & Bakery is open 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, and Sunday from noon to 8 p.m. Pizza deliveries are from 4  p.m. to closing time  Visit the business on Facebook, or reach it by calling 333-3330 or emailing