Fairground Foundation donates new bleachers

Monday, June 11, 2018

The Community Fairground Foundation will present bleachers to the Park County Fairgrounds and Parks at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Park County Fairgrounds, 48 View Vista Drive, as part of a ribboncutting ceremony.

The bleachers will be used for events such as 4-H, but since they are portable, can be used for other events as well. The foundation received donations in 2013 from Philip Morris with the Crazy Mountain Ranch as well as the Park County Community Foundation, which will purchase the bleachers. The foundation plans to help pay for other projects at the fairgrounds as well.

“We want to raise funds for very basic things,” Sylvia Wagner, chairwoman of the Community Fairground Foundation, said. “We’re trying to raise funds and improve the function and attractiveness.”

Volunteers are cleaning and renovating so the buildings and grounds look “more pristine,” Wagner said. She said she feels a town’s fairgrounds influences community pride.

“We would like donations and grants from people who realize how important events here are to the community, like the Christmas dinner,” she said. “The rodeo has been very generous with updating and improving the arena. But, the rodeo association is a different association to the fairgrounds and the fairgrounds does not have the money the rodeo has to fund their projects.”

The foundation is offering a membership drive where people can buy single and family memberships. Members will receive benefits including private events.

“We are making a list of benefits, like free admission to the ranch rodeo or the Christmas craft fair,” Wagner said.

The foundation wants input from the community.

“The fair used to be something people used to look on with very great pleasure and it isn’t so much anymore and we want to know what events people want to see at the fairgrounds, like concerts, and what would make people want to come back to the fair,” she said.

Nicole Divine, the Fairgrounds Park Director, is excited to see the foundation functioning again.

“We’re moving right along and a lot of things are happening,” Divine said.

For more information, contact Sylvia Wagner at 571-216-1929.