Fair taxation needed

Fair taxation needed


The City Commission should not entertain the idea of changing the residency rule for the city manager position. One important issue left out of this discussion thus far is taxes. My understanding is that people who live in the city pay far more in taxes than those who live in the county, despite the fact that county residents benefit from city infrastructure. 

My property taxes have raised $765 in the past five years and much of it is due to bonds passed by the voters. This money has gone to the Livingston Utility Department and tripled our water, sewer and garbage bills; and to the schools that always have their hand out for more money. People who live in the county send their children to school in Livingston, yet their taxes aren’t increased when these bonds pass. Their kids use the public library but they don’t pay for it. People who live in Green Acres are hooked up to city water, yet they don’t pay the same rates as those in the city. And the problem is only going to get worse with the Public Works Department, Shannon Holmes wanting an additional $28 million for new sewer lines on the north side of town and the Sheriff’s Department wanting five more deputies and three more jailers. Voters should remember this when it comes time to vote because you will pay for these things with higher property taxes. 

The real answer should be that city and county residents all pay the same taxes. But if the system is going to stay as is, then the new city manager should have to live in the city limits and pay the outrageous and unsustainable taxes the rest of us have to pay. And county residents should go on a pay-per-use program. This would lessen the tax burden on city residents and force county residents to pay their fair share for services they use. 

Denise Boggs