ENTERPRISE EDITORIAL: Sandberg offered independent voice

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Livingston residents received the unfortunate news this week that City Commissioner Sarah Sandberg has resigned, leaving a vacancy on the five-member board.

The commission now has 30 days to fill the seat, hopefully with someone equally as reasonable and engaged as Sandberg.

What is most unfortunate about Sandberg’s departure is that she’s exactly the kind of commissioner needed on the Livingston City Commission.

Sandberg asks questions, demands more details and values the public’s input. Sandberg thinks through the issues before voting and didn’t serve as a rubber stamp for the wishes of the city manager, the commission chair or any other official.

As Enterprise reporter Johnathan Hettinger wrote in yesterday’s front-page article about her resignation, Sandberg commonly served as the contrarian voice on the commission. She questioned processes and could often be found on the dissenting side of the commission’s 4-1 decisions.

Sandberg asked questions no one else would and sought to understand issues in advance of voting, sometimes requesting more time to review documents and meet with constituents before making a decision.

She was a valuable addition to the commission, but decided to leave elected office to focus on her work responsibilities.

The Livingston City Commission is expected to fill Sandberg’s seat during its Oct. 16 meeting. Let’s hope they find someone who, like Sandberg, serves as an independent voice on the commission.

— Justin Post
Enterprise Managing Editor