Driver pleads not guilty in fatal crash

By Samantha Hill 
Enterprise Staff Writer

A Livingston man charged with vehicular homicide last week pleaded not guilty in District Court Monday morning. 

Walter Jo Overstreet Jr., 19, appeared in court for allegedly flipping a vehicle   while intoxicated last month outside of Livingston, causing the death of Rhiannon Wills and injuries to several other people in the vehicle, including himself. 

The charges presented in District Court included vehicular homicide while under the influence, and two counts of negligent vehicular assault — all felonies. He pleaded not guilty to all charges. 

County Attorney Bruce Becker recommended to District Judge Brenda Gilbert that Overstreet not be put into custody because of his injuries and is unlikely to leave the area. However, Becker said Overstreet should be supervised via an alcohol-monitoring bracelet. 

His attorney, Jami Rebsom, said Overstreet has no prior convictions and is still receiving medical treatment for head injuries. 

District Court Judge Brenda Gilbert complied with the request but Overstreet  was sent to the Park County Detention Center to go through the booking process to have his fingerprints taken and information filed. Gilbert ordered Overstreet to be fitted with an alcohol-monitoring bracelet within 48 hours of his Monday court appearance. 

Becker did not say when Overstreet’s next court appearance will be. 

Rebsom was unavailable for immediate comment on the case. 

The crash happened on Dec. 13 when Overstreet was driving five others in his truck when it rolled, police said. Wills died on the scene while others were transported to Livingston HealthCare for medical treatment.

 Overstreet suffered severe injuries and was transported to Billings Medical Clinic, police said. 

If convicted of the vehicular homicide charge, Overstreet could face fines of $50,000 and/or 30 years in prison, according to Judge Gilbert.