Dog adopted after long shelter stay

Samantha Hill

After 543 days at Stafford Animal Shelter, Montana, the well-known pitbull terrier was adopted.

The dog — known for being a little aggressive towards cats and dogs — was adopted last week by a family in the Shields Valley.  

Stafford Program Manager Alicia Davis said the dog was considered a celebrity at the shelter because of how long she was there and her general sweet personality toward people. She would get treats and lots of attention.

“People would sometimes come in just to see her,” she said.

The dog was picked up as a stray more than 17 months ago and shelter staff discovered Montana’s aversion to certain animals.

Davis said that after months of working with the dog, she has grown close to some of the male dogs at the shelter. However, she still isn’t super friendly with female dogs.

Coinciding with Montana’s adoption is the shelter’s annual Fur Ball Friday, where the shelter was planning to auction off some art to help mitigate the costs of Montana’s care.

This art includes a table runner and a painting of Montana with a flower crown around her head.

“We had no idea she was going to get adopted right now,” she laughed.

Davis said that each dog costs the shelter about $25 a day. However, just because there is a cost in housing and feeding the animals, it was still important for her to find the right home.

“We definitely wouldn’t let her go home with the wrong people,” she said.

The proceeds of Montana’s artwork will go toward other dogs in the shelter in need of long-term care.

The sold out annual Fur Ball is Friday evening with multiple raffle and auction items. Proceeds of the benefit will go to large-scale projects and general care at Stafford Animal Shelter.