Devastated by dog being injured

Friday, December 6, 2019


Last night I heard an agonizing scream that came from outside my house. It was 8:15 p.m. and at first I thought it could be a child. It was a lingering, painful sound. I opened my front door and realized a dog had been hit in the street, and I saw the car driving away from Comet Boulevard and turning up Nova Street. The car must have turned around because I could see their headlights. They saw me on my deck. I rushed in the house to grab a coat and a flashlight so I could find the injured dog. 

When I came back out, that same car drove away again up Comet Boulevard. They had hit my neighbor’s big, sweet, brown dog and he was lying in his front yard. I knocked on the door and told my neighbors what had happened. They were heartbroken for their dog that was very injured and obviously in shock. 

In our town, sadly, and tragically, someone hit a dog, heard his agonizing scream, felt the bump and drove away twice. Shame on that person. You will have to live with yourself now. I was devastated for my sweet neighbors and their sweet, friendly dog.

Marsha Beers