County legislators weigh in on $8 million for wall

Johnathan Hettinger —
Friday, January 11, 2019

When asked about a Montana legislator’s proposal to give $8 million for a U.S.-Mexico border wall, Rep. Alan Redfield (R, HD 59) couldn’t hold in his laughter.

“That’s just an attention thing. They throw that to be a smokescreen,” Redfield said. “You can’t always take these people seriously, and then people get all wound up.”

To be clear, Redfield doesn’t support the idea.

Sen. John Esp (R, SD 30) said the proposal by Sen. Scott Sales to pay Montana’s “share” of President Trump’s $5.7 billion request to fund a border wall doesn’t necessarily make sense to him.

“I think we have enough troubles in Montana that we can spend money on that we don’t need to spend money on that,” Esp said. “But I’m a pretty conservative guy.”

Rep. Laurie Bishop (D, HD

60) agreed, pointing to infrastructure projects that have lingered for years, like requests at local schools for roofs and boilers.

“That $8 million would buy a lot of school boilers and roofs that would help our community,” Bishop said. “We have no business sending money out of state for a questionable public need. If we have $8 million to send out of state, we have $8 million to buy a boiler and roof for our schools.”