Congressional delegation in touch with locals on mining proposals


We are fortunate to live in a state where those that we elect to office make the time to meet with those of us who they represent. Whether it is Senator Daines coming to help us honor the men who lost their lives on Emigrant Peak in the 1962 B-47 bomber crash, Senator Tester visiting with us in our local businesses, or Congressman Gianforte going for a hike with us up Emigrant Gulch. The staff of both Senators here in Montana have joined us for many meetings and field trips on the ground. All three of our representatives and their staff (both here in Montana and in Washington) have taken time to listen to our concerns about the gold mines being proposed in our community. I am confident that they will keep working with the Yellowstone Gateway Business Coalition to find a solution that protects us from these and future large scale gold mining schemes.

Bryan Wells