Congratulations on recent marriage


I wish to give my sincere congratulations to Karen Langebeck and Amy Wagner on their recent marriage. All gay and lesbian couples deserve the right to marry and be afforded the same benefits of heterosexual couples. I’m very pleased with Judge Brian Morris citing the U.S. Constitution exists to protect minorities from the will of the majority. Bigots often ignore the U.S. Constitution they claim to covet when it protects people it doesn’t think it should. 

And speaking of bigots, I find the behaviors of Attorney General Tim Fox and Senator-elect Steve Daines disgraceful, not to mention pandering to politics. Fox will squander taxpayer money appealing Morris’ decision for no other reason than to pander to the bigots in Montana. And the state will lose. Surely our money could be better spent.

Angie Rolando, who filed a lawsuit against the state of Montana over same-sex marriage, stated “Love won today.” Indeed. Montana will always have its bigots. Whether they are anti gay, anti-black, anti-Indian, their ignorance will unfortunately survive. It is our responsibility to fight bigotry in all the forms it exists. But I’m proud of Montana today for refusing to dishonor love. 

Denise Boggs