Compassionate Neighbors makes tax-deductible help possible


Compassionate Neighbors was formed to fill a need. Our community has tragedies, accidents, fires, health issues and other calamities that create financial burdens on our neighbors. Friends and family, wanting to help, come together to give financial assistance. Compassionate Neighbors loans their tax-deductible umbrella to those raising money for their neighbors. A bank account is opened in the name of the charity for the benefit of the hurting neighbor. Then all contributions are tax-deductible. 

Compassionate Neighbors does not increase the money given to the worthy cause. They simply make the most basic form of charity — neighbors helping neighbors — tax-deductible.

During 2014 there was $167,000 given to 12 different worthy causes. Our community was very generous in giving both money and time. Making these donations tax-deductible reduced the taxes to the donors by a minimum of $33,000. It is good for the IRS to share in our local charitable giving. Please contact me at 223-3522 if you know of a need and have the ambition to help.

Tom Shellenberg