Company sells lines to fiberglass rod fly fishers

Samantha Hill

An online company based in Livingston is catering to a specific niche of fly fisherman.

406 Fly Lines markets fly lines for fly fishers who use fiberglass rods.

The company began in 2014 but has started taking off in recent months, according to Tom Brodhead, who owns 406 Fly Lines with his wife, Alexis Brodhead.

The couple started the business after an early retirement from their jobs in New York City.

“We had been fishing here for a long time, so we decided to move here,” Tom Brodhead said.

Brodhead, who wears fish tattoos on his arms and neck of fish he hopes to catch, said he got the idea for the business after he began feeling like the newer fly rods were becoming too fast for him to use, so he familiarized himself with fiberglass rods that were more popular in the 1970s.

However, although he had access to the rods, the lines for them were much more difficult to find — so he decided to make his own.

Working with the company Scientific Anglers, the Brodheads worked on brand-new line that is a floating line, 3 to 8 weight. The color —  light, muted green — matches that of the old-fashioned lines versus the newer lines that often come in neons.

The business mainly sells the product online — reaching fly fishers around the world, including Serbia, Norway, New Zealand and Canada — but the lines can also be found in some stores in the U.S.

Brodhead said he has noticed the fiberglass rods becoming popular again in recent years and he has been excited to share in that growth.

“We have really found a good niche,” he said.

Brodhead said the business could in the future expand its product line to accommodate fly fishers going after heavier and tropical fish.

406 Fly Lines may be reached at 223-2538 or visit their website,

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