Community Closet staff graduates from Montana’s WorkSafe Champion Program

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Photo courtesy of Community Closet

Community Closet staffers, from left, Bettina De Boer, Caron Cooper, Teena Hagan, Jamie Plumber and Heather Heath are pictured recently with Mark Rosenleaf of the Montana State Fund.

Employees with Livingston’s Community Closet graduated May 30 from a year-long Montana State Fund WorkSafe Champion safety training and education program.

Staff graduates include: Caron Cooper, Bettina De Boer, Teena Hagan, Heather Heath, and Jamie Plumber. The organization sponsored a celebration to commemorate the graduation at the City-County Complex in Livingston.

Attendees included Community Closet staff and volunteers, and representatives from the Montana State Fund, Leavitt Great West Insurance, Park County Emergency Management, and other community leaders. Community Closet staffers said they were grateful for the experience offered by the program, which emphasizes how to prevent workplace injury.

“I feel very strongly about the power of this program,” said Cooper, Community Closet founder and CEO. “We’ve made huge progress as an organization through the Worksafe Champion experience and education.”

Community Closet employees and volunteers said they learned a great deal in eight training modules on workers’ compensation, how to motivate and train employees, manage an incident, more effectively return an injured employee to work, and practical prevention techniques such as body mechanics and lifting procedures. Mark Rosenleaf, Montana State Fund safety management consultant said, “We can’t be everywhere and our goal is to educate policyholders and give them the tools to identify hazards to put policies and procedures in place to mitigate hazards.”

Community Closet employees thanked those who make the program run and to all those who participated and supported Community Closet in becoming a WorkSafe Montana Champion.

Community Closet also received a grant-funded 24-bushel lift basket from Montana State Fund’s ACE (Assisting Charitable Endeavors) Program, which will further enhance safety and prevent injury.

Community Closet officials said the organization is dedicated to safety in the workplace for its employees, volunteers, and shoppers, including safety education about donated products and announcements about product recalls and items like unsafe baby products, according to a news release. A philanthropic, second-hand sales nonprofit with three stores in Livingston, Community Closet has given more than $400,000 in community grants to Park County charities since 2005. Learn more at