Commission could reconsider annexation

The Livingston City Commission could consider annexing the site of a proposed truck stop east of city limits at any time following new legal analysis from the city attorney.

The Sievers property on Livingston’s east interchange was denied annexation at the city commission’s Jan. 6 meeting. At that time, the city administration said annexation could not be reconsidered for those parcels of land for at least one year. But a recent memo from interim city attorney Courtney Lawellin said the city was mistaken and “there is no time restriction which would prohibit the land owner from offering another petition for annexation at any time after the denial, and no restriction on the City Commission from considering that request either immediately or at some time in the future.”

City commission chairman James Bennett said he isn’t aware of a new petition for annexation at this time but property owner James Sievers approached the city’s administration looking for clarification on the previously stated one year restriction. 

Bennett said the commission will consider new petitions if the law doesn’t prohibit their review.

“We’ll look at it as any annexation, see if it fits within the guidelines Livingston has set forth in regards to the annexation of property,” he said. “I think what is important to understand is we look at it mostly from a legal and technical standpoint not so much what is going to be developed there.”

City Manager Ed Meece could not be reached for comment. 


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