CLUB NOTES: Livingston Historical Society

The Park County Historical Society met at 7 p.m. Thursday, April 13 at the Park County Senior Center.  A program was presented by Chris Rodgers on “The Railroads and the Opening Up of the Yellowstone Region.” Park travel through Livingston was helped and funded by the Northern Pacific Railroad. Other railroads came to Yellowstone National Park from other directions.  Rodgers pointed out that Robert Goss a.k.a Geyser Bob, has a website with much historical information about Yellowstone. In his slide show presentation, Chris showed the three different depots that were in Livingston.  

Following the program a business meeting was held. The following officers were  nominated and accepted for this year:  President Patricia Grabow; Vice President Paul Shea; Secretary/Treasurer Mardi Whitmore.   
Shirley Petersen will be the Membership Chairman and Jack Luther will be the Chairman of the Cemetery Walk.  

Paul Shea described plans for the public display station to be built near the City/County Building for the restored Civil War cannon that was given to the  city many years ago.  The Historical Society voted to donate $100 to the cannon  restoration fund.
–– Mardi Whitmore