City should improve cemetery before Memorial Day holiday

Wednesday, June 1, 2022


The past weekend as we all know, was Memorial Day weekend.

The time of year we honor our veterans and our deceased relatives and friends. Many people visit cemeteries, some from great distances, bringing flowers to brighten the graves and to pay honor. I go to two cemeteries, Big Timber and Mt. View in Livingston. The Big Timber cemetery was in pristine condition, grass mowed and clipped, the roadway lined with flags. In contrast, the cemetery in Livingston was in disgraceful condition: spent dandelion stems flopping in the breeze, clumps of grass laying around, looking totally unkept for the second year in a row. The condition did not speak well of Livingston. I don’t believe in “No Mow May.” In two years I haven’t seen one bee on a dandelion. That being said, the least the city could do is make sure the cemetery stops “No Mow May” in time to get the cemetery in shape before the Memorial Day weekend.

Jean Sandberg



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